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King Billy prides itself on being “an online casino to rule them all”, as it unapologetically promotes itself on the front page, and critics seem to agree, bestowing it with numerous awards like Best Casino and Player’s Choice.

By all accounts, King Billy isn’t a giant casino – neither the number of available games nor the size of its userbase aren’t really anything to write home about. Similarly, its user interface seems bland, generic and like so many other casinos, there really isn’t much there to catch your eye and make you want to explore more. And yet, despite all of that, King Billy prides itself on being “an online casino to rule them all”, as it unapologetically promotes itself on the front page, and critics seem to agree, bestowing it with numerous awards like Best Casino and Player’s Choice. So the question remains: Does the book fit its cover, or is there something truly special hiding just beneath the surface? 


Supported Currencies: The most common currency in Europe, the Euro, can be used in King Billy, allowing players from countries like Germany, Finland and Ireland to deposit appropriately without converting to US dollars (which are also supported for players with that preference). In addition, various foreign currencies are also available – for example, if you’re from Australia and are looking to play some casino games with Australian dollars instead of US ones, then you’re in luck and can both deposit and withdraw them! New Zealand and Canada also have support for their own respective dollars. If you live in Norway, King Billy is one of relatively few online casinos that supports the Norwegian Krone, which makes it a must-play for players from that country. 

Supported Cryptocurrency: King Billy is one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly casinos we’ve ever seen, fully supporting deposits in not only bitcoin, but also Etherium, Litecoin, Tether and more! If you’re the type of player who prefers using crypto, then King Billy is the perfect choice for you!

Restricted Countries: Players from Estonia, Israel, Ukraine, Republic of Crimea, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, United States, Dutch West Indies and Curacao are not permitted to bet with real money in this casino, as well as players from countries in which online gambling is illegal. Those players may still join King Billy to play with “practice” money, but withdrawal of any real funds will not be possible. Players from Sweden may play, but will not be eligible for any offers and bonuses as per the Swedish Gambling Act. 

Interface & Navigation

The UI of King Billy is simple and intuitive – at the top of the menu, with easy access to all relevant information and pages right from the front page. Nothing is hidden (deliberately or otherwise) in obscure sub-menus, right from the get-go you can access any category of game you like, as well as the various promotions, banking options and help center. Unfortunately, while the intuitive design will help players navigate easily, that comes at the expense of the aesthetic qualities of King Billy. The casino’s color scheme looks bland and forgettable, and the logos and images it’s chosen to identify its brand with just aren’t particularly memorable. Its appearance will help existing players find their way around existing features, but will do very little to attract new ones. 

Its mobile version is, similarly, designed with practicality over looks – but in this case, it does tend to work a lot better than the browser version. While the clean and neatly organized interface might look a bit bland and empty on a PC screen, on mobile it’s practical, orderly and containing just enough information to fit the smaller space. A single tap opens up a menu with quick access to pretty much every page available, while many of the games can be accessed directly from the front page. If you’re a fan of gambling on the go, King Billy won’t leave you disappointed! 


In terms of traditional table games, King Billy offers everything that you’re used to and then some – there are over 120 different variations of blackjack, poker and roulette, including European and American Roulette, Texas Hold’Em, Video Poker, Super 21 and many more. Less popular games such as Baccarat, Pyramid and Cribbage are also represented, giving everyone a chance to play their favorite table games exactly the way they want. 

If you’d rather interact with a real person than an AI during your casino adventure, then don’t worry, King Billy also offers a plethora of live games for you, with over 200 live rooms playing all the games listed above, including some unique and interesting variations like first person roulette, infinite blackjack and golden baccarat, as well as rooms in other languages like Russian and Turkish. While obviously not all rooms are live at the same time, the amount available will still guarantee that you’ll find something that catches your eye. And if you’re not really in a spending mood, no worries – you can still play just for fun, without wagering any funds until you want to, which is an option that not many casinos offer for their live games. 

With all that said, however, there’s no doubt that the real strength of King Billy lies in its online slots, as the casino sports an impressive collection of more than 2000 games from huge developers like Microgaming. Among them are classics like Deal or No Deal, Blades of the Abyss and Jurassic Park, as well as a couple of exclusives that you won’t find on any other casino. 50 of the slots provided offer a progressive jackpot, including some of the biggest ones on the market like Guinness World Record holder Mega Moolah (whose jackpot as of this moment sits at a little over $6 million). While King Billy doesn’t break any records in terms of available slots, there’s no doubt that every player will be able to find a favorite game. 

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Offers and Bonuses

King Billy prides itself on having offers fit for a king, but is that really true? Well… The answer is a little complicated. 

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King Billy’s real strength, however, lies in the fact that – unlike most casinos – its offers don’t stop past the first deposit. As of the time of this writing, five different offers are available for both new and existing users, such as a 13% wager-free cash-back on any deposit made on a Thursday, or 100 free spins for the slot Book of Dead for every $50 deposit. While the welcome offer is neither great nor terrible, the fact that King Billy continues to care about its users past that initial registration puts its leagues and miles ahead of its competition. 


Don’t let the plain, boring exterior fool you – King Billy is absolutely one of the best online casinos on the market, and is well deserving of every award and accolade it has received. The casino has gone above and beyond to ensure that both new and current players will feel welcome, accommodating their every wish no matter how big or small and trying to present them with the best possible casino experience. Pretty much all of its already very few flaws can be excused by its young age, and none of them prevent King Billy from presenting a top-notch gambling experience.

3 Compelling Reasons to Pick King Billy as your Online Casino

  • Great offers even after your first deposit – Many digital casinos will only give you a welcome bonus and then pretend you don’t exist once you’re already a user. King Billy is the opposite of that, awarding you deposit bonuses and free spins for as long as you play there!
  • Cryptocurrency-friendly – King Billy is one of the few casinos that not only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency, but also offer bonuses for cryptocurrency deposits. 
  • Outstanding customer service – In both our experience and that of other users we’ve spoken to, the King Billy help desk is quick and efficient in addressing any concerns that you might have while playing your favorite online casino games!

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